Addiction, Behavioral Change and Social Identity

A chapter that my colleagues and I wrote has been published today in a book entitled ‘Addiction, Behavioral Change and Social Identity: The path to resilience and recovery’ . The book ‘explores the social and cognitive processes that enable people who join recovery groups to address their addictive issues. In an era of increasing concern at the long-term costs of chronic ill-health, the potential to leverage group identity to inspire resilience and recovery offers a timely and practical response.’

It ‘examines the theoretical foundations to a social identity approach in addressing behavior change across a range of contexts, including alcohol addiction, obesity and crime, whilst also examining topics such as the use of online forums to foster recovery’ and promises to be essential reading for students, researchers and policy makers across health psychology, social care, as well as anyone interested in behavioural change and addiction recovery.

The chapter that I wrote with my colleagues Juliet Wakefield (Nottingham Trent University) and Fabio Sani (University of Dundee) considers the impact of group identification on addictive health behaviours amongst an adolescent population. We hope you find it interesting and informative!